This is a blog about my life and the people that have entered my life and gone from my life. Do you ever think that you shouldn't be here? That your whole life has been a mistake? That every person you have known has betrayed you and let you down? I have, and this is my story.

I am starting my story with 'Betrayal,' as that is how I have felt, all my life. Betrayed by family, friends and every man that has ever entered my life. Is it just bad luck? Is it me? Do I attract the wrong sort of people? Yes I probably do. I think the more damaged you get, the more you attract the wrong sort and the circle just keeps going round.

In this blog, I am hoping to heal from my wounds, some are very deep. Society says we should forgive, or rather 'Christianity' says we should forgive, but what if you can't forgive or forget? All you can do is try to move on and that is what I intend to do, but this time I want to heal, I want to let go of the hurt and betrayal. These people don't matter, but they have had a profound effect on me, my personality, my views on life. So I am hoping by writing this blog it will some how give me some perspective. Some of it may be dark, but in time I hope I become more positive in my outlook to people and life.

So here goes .... BETRAYAL ....

On my way to the light at the end of my tunnel.